I provide the following services

κατασκευη ιστοσελιδας

Web development

Design websites from scratch with WordPress platform and Bootstrap library

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Html Banners

Using Adobe Animate i create web animated banners on different sizes

Logo Design

A good logo is the id of your site.Lets make it happen!

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Facebook Campaigns

The most important in order to grow your website traffic

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Data Entry

Any changes u want to make on your current web page

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3d Assets

Yes! 3d is a part of our life.I can make 3d assets for 3d printing or game platforms

About me


I am George and I am a web developer. I have a passion for web development and I like working with CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and CMS platforms. I have a degree in Elecronics Engineering and I studied Web Development a few years ago. I like challenging myself with new technologies about web developement and game development. I speak Greek and English fluently. I can also design photorealistic 3D assets for game engines.


My skills

Html 85%
Css 84%
Php 70%
Bootstrap 87%
Javascript 90%
WordPress 90%
Animated Banners 90%
Google Tag Manager 90%

Athens, Greece 

Working hours

10:00 PM – 22.00 AM
Monday – Saturday